Vacation in Anguilla! 

If you have never gone to Anguilla, then you need to put it on your bucket list! Seriously the most wonderful locals and the most gorgeous water!! We went to Shoal Bay, Meads Bay, Randevous, and  Sandy Ground. 

At Randevous beach, we saw starfish and stingrays while we snorkeled just off the beach. 

Favorite eats:

Karlas : Elite(best mahi magi I’ve ever had) : Blanchards : Straw Hat : Gerauds Bakery (chocolate croissant) 

We mainly just snorkeled and one day we did ride horses on the beach(well well worth it!). There’s so much to do there but we just wanted to enjoy the blue water! 

Also! Do not travel in September or October, the island closes up shop so there isn’t going to be food or much going on. The busiest times to go is the week after December – March. 



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