Presli’s Funny of the Day

I would like to share Presli’s funny this morning.

I do not know about any of you, but Presli has a hard time wanting to keep clean! I know kids usually do not like to bathe and she throws the same fit every night for bath time. She does it, but with a frown on her face.

She achieved washing her hair last night fairly well and this morning she asked Josh to smell it while she was getting ready for school. He then said absolutely not because he knows how “well” she washes her hair. (It was not a very refreshing smell).

She expressed to us that “the thing her mom got her to sleep on did not help her memory to wash it well enough that night.” For all of you, I bought her a memory foam MATTRESS TOPPER. She declares that it is not in the least bit helping her memory.

Memory foam- Great for rest, not for memory.

I hope you enjoyed that as much as we did!

Xoxo- Cait 



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