Harry Potter- Should You Read It To Your Kids?

YES! Absolutely! My sister, Natalie, recently purchased Harry Potter for my little Presli. Natalie is addicted to it and I myself, have never picked up the book before. I started reading the first book to Presli and it was the one with the illustrations in it, which is pretty awesome! There are a few parents who have frowned upon me when I tell them I am reading it to my little seven year old. They obviously have not read it themselves. In my opinion, it gives children such a vibrant imagination! The words are large and the descriptions are fabulous! Some parts are a little scary, but the sound effects I make just make her giggle, so I feel like I am making it a little bit more at ease. Overall, Presli LOVES it and I have turned into a huge HP fan! We are now on the second book and I have to say it is my new favorite over the first one.





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