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Today, I woke up thinking, “Not today!”. I feel like I have been mentally and physically lagging as a parent, girlfriend, and friend. I wake up every morning like a robot and go through the motions. If I keep doing the same thing, am I ever going to get any better? NO!

Get your emotions running with fuel in your belly and with motivation in your mind.

Get up, eat, work out, set goals, and work your butt off.

If you stay on the positive, you will always be better than you were yesterday.



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30 Day Fall Challenge

Since Summer is now over, I have decided to start a “30 Day Fall Challenge”. I am not a professional by any means, but I am going to stick to a plan that I know has worked for me in the past. 


Monday-Friday, I do my Insanity Max 30. On Saturday and Sunday, I try to do a little bit of yoga or pilates. It helps stretch me out for the week to come.

My meal plan is not perfect, and Pinterest has so many options for you to choose. I only pick the things I like the most for my meals. The key is to drink plenty of water and exercise regularly. I love Insanity Max 30 because it is only 30-40 minutes of your day. It’s quick, to the point, and challenging.

I’ve also learned that breaking up these meals is the best way to stay full longer. If you’re constantly fueling your body with the right, healthy, and hearty things, you are more likely to not splurge on the nasty gunk you put into your body. That means no processed foods, ladies and gentlemen! In thirty days, I will share with you my progress and how my 30 Day Fall Challenge worked out for me!

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Click here to get your free printable!

See you in 30 days!






Soccer practice! 

Presli decided that this year was the year for soccer. She is a volleyball girl, but I am glad she is trying other new things.
Her first day of practice, they did a few drills for an hour. She did so well!! I am so proud that she went out there and did her best!

English coaches lead this team and let me just say; they are tuff and amazing!!

She has never learned even the fundamentals of this sport, and she was out there running, dribbling, passing, and taking the ball away! Way to go Pres!



First Day of School! 

Today was a successful day back to school! Presli read books, did math, and went to Art! Her favorite thing about today was doing math… what do you know? She was a little upset that she didn’t get to do any social studies. 
She came home with a cute little project to do. She has to fill a brown sack with 4 of her favorite things. 

She chose… 

The shell: favorite collection

Pink lollipop: favorite color

Picture of her volleyball: favorite sport

Picture of Harry Potter book: favorite book 



Unicorn Birthday Party 

Presli recently endured her 8th birthday and she chose a unicorn themed party! You can never go wrong with a photo booth and a piñata! (Curtesy of my super sister, Natalie!) 

The balloons, sequin table runner, banner, pink streamers, and unicorn balloons came from good ole Amazon. 

I printed off the photo booth props from Etsy using picture paper. Those came from Abbeygatedesigns for roughly $6.

The unicorn cake topper and unicorn confetti came from Confetti Mama for $5. 

My unicorn sign is from etsy shop Polished celebrations for $4 that I printed on photo paper as well. I already had the frames. 




Vacation in Anguilla! 

If you have never gone to Anguilla, then you need to put it on your bucket list! Seriously the most wonderful locals and the most gorgeous water!! We went to Shoal Bay, Meads Bay, Randevous, and  Sandy Ground. 

At Randevous beach, we saw starfish and stingrays while we snorkeled just off the beach. 

Favorite eats:

Karlas : Elite(best mahi magi I’ve ever had) : Blanchards : Straw Hat : Gerauds Bakery (chocolate croissant) 

We mainly just snorkeled and one day we did ride horses on the beach(well well worth it!). There’s so much to do there but we just wanted to enjoy the blue water! 

Also! Do not travel in September or October, the island closes up shop so there isn’t going to be food or much going on. The busiest times to go is the week after December – March. 




How many of you moms have told your kids over and over about how they should be themselves even when the world fills them with doubt? There will be times when the magazines and social media will bring children to believe they should be a certain way to be respected in society.
My daughter has been changing lately and I do believe it has to do with girls around her. Kids do their best to fit in to feel respected, but instead, they should be themselves in a wild full of shaming and doubt. I try to teach her the importance of being herself and how it is better to have people love you for who you are instead of the person they think you’re meant to be. Always stay yourself and believe you will continue to grow into a better woman or man that way.

Overall, listen to your parents. Believe it or not, they know a thing or two about life.